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Cancer Patient-Centered Informatics Core

Constantine Albany, MD

Constantine Albany, MD IU Simon Cancer Center

Dr. Albany primary expertise is in testicular cancer (a germ cell tumor) and prostate cancer. His main research is focus on identifying new therapeutic targets in refractory germ cell tumors and developing predictive bio marker in GU malignancy.

Paul Biondich, MD, MS

Paul Biondich, MD, MS IUPUI-School of Informatics and Computing

Dr. Biondich’s research interests include clinical decision support systems and the use of large scale, consolidated electronic health information infrastructures in this regard. His focus is in resource poor environments throughout the world, currently leading the OpenMRS initiative, and helping develop national health information exchanges for Rwanda and other African countries. He also is the director of clinical informatics for AMPATH in Western Kenya, and the director of the Fogarty East African Health Informatics Fellowship program.

Ulla Connor, PhD

Ulla Connor, PhD IUPUI- School of Liberal Arts

Dr. Connor’s Academic Interests is Linguistics, intercultural communication, and language and rhetoric of philanthropic fund raising

Thomas Imperiale, MD

Thomas Imperiale, MD School of Medicine

Dr. Imperiale’s primary research interests include tailoring screening for colorectal cancer based on individual patient risk, and using quantitative research methods to assess existing and new technologies for digestive diseases. Secondary research interests include prognosis and management of acute upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and assessment of new technologies to the application of digestive diseases.

Kurt Kroenke, MD

Kurt Kroenke, MD School of Medicine

Dr. Kroenke focuses his clinical research on the optimal evaluation and management of common symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and other physical com

plaints. He also conducts research on depression, anxiety and other mental disorders in primary care.

Catherine Mosher, PhD

Catherine Mosher, PhD School of Science, department of Psychology

Dr. Mosher’s long-term goal of her research is to improve the physical and psychological health of individuals diagnosed with cancer and their family caregivers. Her research focuses on the following three objectives: (1) identifying demographic, medical, and contextual predictors of physical and psychological health outcomes in cancer populations; (2) identifying predictors of mental health service use and interest in these services in cancer populations; and (3) developing and evaluating psychosocial and behavioral interventions to improve symptom management and quality of life among cancer patients and their family caregivers.